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December 1, 2018

‘Nocturnal house’ – New Year gift for Alipore Zoo visitors

‘Nocturnal house’ – New Year gift for Alipore Zoo visitors

Come 2019 and the admirers of nocturnal animals are in for a treat at Alipore Zoo. Owls, rodents, porcupines, slow loris, hyena and several other kinds of nocturnal animals will be getting a new ‘nocturnal house’ of their own in January 2019.

As there are no separate enclosures for the nocturnal animals now, the varied collection of these animals have rarely been witnessed by visitors. Hence the decision to create the exclusive enclosure as a gift to the people of the state in the New Year. The State Forest Minister made this announcement recently.

Gubbay House, in the western flank of the zoo, which was till recently home to the monkey collection, is being redeveloped into the nocturnal house. The architecture and lighting is being crafted in a manner to create a night-like atmosphere during the day, so that the creatures remain perfectly at ease and at the same time, the people are also being able to see them properly.

According to a senior zoo official, some of the monkeys that were inside Gubbay House have been moved to zoos in Jhargram and Purulia while some have been moved to another shelter.

Source: Millennium Post