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December 21, 2018

New tourism facilities in Frazerganj, Henry’s Island

New tourism facilities in Frazerganj, Henry’s Island

Several new facilities for tourists are coming up at 10 Mile in Frazerganj and in Henry’s Island, including resorts, watchtowers and cafeterias.

The Fisheries Department’s State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC), which is developing the facilities, has divided the tourism facilities in Henry’s Island into two areas – Sundari and Mangrove.

Form Sundari, the beach is five-minute walking distance, and it is about 1 km from the Mangrove tourist centre. The 1 km route is a scenic, including being lined with fish cultivation ponds (bheris) and is a major attraction, according to departmental official.

At Mangrove, to the nine cottages, three more have been added, as well as a four-person dormitory.

At the Sundari centre, there were three cottages named Sundari, Hetal and Garan. Four more have been built for the winter tourist season onwards, named Sundari (New), Mudhouse, Mrignayana and Lake View. A total of 11 cottages are being built.

At 10 Mile in Frazerganj, a cafeteria has been built and a watchtower for watching the lakhs of little red crabs that crowd the beach without being a hindrance to them, which would be the case if too many people walked on the beach all the time.

Source: Bartaman