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December 24, 2018

From investments in leather industry to online mutation – Bangla Cabinet’s revolutionary decisions

From investments in leather industry to online mutation – Bangla Cabinet’s revolutionary decisions

A meeting of the State Cabinet was held today at Nabanna, which was chaired by the Chief Minister. That apart, the Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure also held a meeting today. Several important and revolutionary decisions were passed at today’s meeting, which the Chief Minister communicated to the press.

Decisions at the Cabinet meeting:

1. The leather industry of Bangla is receiving investments from several quarters. Nearly 1.2 lakh people are already employed in the industry. Another 1,000 applications have been received for fresh investment in the sector. 350 acres are required. Once the investments take shape, three lakh people will get employment.

2. Every year 12 lakh people have to do mutation for buying or selling land. Sometimes, the process can be cumbersome and inconvenient for people. Hence, the State Government has taken the revolutionary decision to make the process fully online. People will no longer need to go to BLR office physically for this purpose.

It may be mentioned, mutation fee on agricultural land, and khajna tax on agricultural land has already been waived off by the government. Even affidavits can be self-certified now.

3. The government has also given a go ahead to the regularisation of settlers on 1,618 acres of khas mahal land in Kharagpur. One lakh people will benefit because of this decision.

4. A 10 MW solar power plant will come up at Kharagpur.

5. The government has already provided long-term settlement to 462 families in Alipurduar. Settlement of others is also under process. Refugee colonies under the purview of the State Government are already being regularised. The government has requested the Centre to regularise the colonies under their jurisdiction.

6. Flipkart is investing Rs 991 crore for setting up a logistics hub in Bangla. This will create 10,000 employment opportunities. Land has already been provided from industrial park; more land was allocated today.
These decisions have been taken keeping the welfare of citizens in mind. Christmas greetings to all.