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December 19, 2018

New irrigation dams in 7 erosion-prone areas

New irrigation dams in 7 erosion-prone areas

The flood-prone Howrah district is getting seven new river dams in erosion-prone areas. The causeway-shaped dams would be much more effective than the earlier ones, as they would be stronger because of their shape and their being made of concrete.

The State Irrigation Department is building these dams. Being better in all respects, the cost is also higher. A dam in Amta-2 block has already been constructed. The 50-metre dam has cost about Rs 49 lakh.

The dams would be sloped towards the river bank, so that even high waves would hit the concrete and turn back into the river instead of going over onto the surrounding land. There would be pillars with depth marks along the dams to know the exact level of water at each spot.

Source: Bartaman