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December 1, 2018

‘Eco fish tourism’ project coming up in Chandanpiri

‘Eco fish tourism’ project coming up in Chandanpiri

The State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC) is setting up a tourism project in Chandanpiri, about 12 km from Namkhana in South 24 Parganas district. The place is located in the UNESCO-recognised natural heritage site of the Sundarbans.

The ‘eco fish tourism’ project, as it has been termed, is located at the estuary of the river Saptamukhi with the Bay of Bengal. It would be completed at the beginning of 2020. These information were provided by the Fisheries Minister. He said this project has been taken up after the success of the recently-developed resorts at Henry’s Island and Fraserganj.

There would be four cottages for tourists at the 5-hectare site. The 600 sq ft structures would be located above the water surface. Each would be able to accommodate two people.

The mangrove forests would provide for a wonderful experience for tourists. A jetty and roads to the site are being constructed. Cultivation of prawn, rohu, catla and mrigel would take place at the site, where tourists would be able to catch them free of cost.

The site would also have a 50-ft watchtower, from where beautiful unimpeded views of the Sundarbans and the Bay of Bengal can be had. Along with these would be a cafeteria, restaurant and children’s park.

From the resort, tourists would be taken to see tigers and, aboard launches, to the Bhagabatipur Crocodile Project.