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December 26, 2018

Bangla Govt taking initiatives for decreasing cost of agriculture

Bangla Govt taking initiatives for decreasing cost of agriculture

To decrease some load off the shoulders of farmers, the State Government has decided to set up agricultural machinery-hiring hubs at primary agricultural cooperative societies (PACS) by investing Rs 300 crore.

In the first phase, these hubs or centres would be set up in 1,000 PACSs across the State. There, machines for a range of agricultural activities, from sowing seeds to cutting paddy, would be available for leasing at prices 20 to 30 per cent cheaper than the market rates. Currently, farmers in several districts hire these machines from private units at high prices.

Already, Rs 91.6 crore has been granted for the setting up of these centres at 302 PACSs. Training is also being provided to ensure local youths are the beneficiaries of operating these machines.

At each centre, up to Rs 50 lakh would be invested. Forty per cent of the amount would be given as loan, 20 per cent as a subsidy amount for the hub and the rest 20 per cent would be invested jointly by the State Cooperation Department and the PACS.

Through this arrangement, on the one hand, farmers would reap benefits as their cost of production of decrease and on the other hand, the PACSs would be able to earn some revenue.

Source: Ei Samay