Lok Sabha

December 31, 2018

Mumtaz Sanghamita speaks on The Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill, 2018


Thank you, Madam. I am also opposing this Ordinance for the Indian Medical Council Amendment Bill because it is totally an undemocratic one. Why there is an urgency to bring about the Ordinance? <interruptions>

Even I am completely in agreement with what has been said by my colleague, Shri N.K. Premachandranji. There are medical councils of the States which are working properly. In the name of irregularities in the Medical Council of India, it is being humiliated and taken out of the purview. So, I think, it is totally undemocratic and is hampering the medical education as well. In the Board itself, doctors are there. But the Board is not doing the duty that they themselves have committed to. They cannot run and the MCI is not listening to them.

So what is the utility of bringing forth an Ordinance? The elected body can very well be formed again. In between, even you are bringing a Commission, which I think is also a quite wrong thing. In the meanwhile, there is no need to run it with a Board. That is my submission.

This MCI throughout the States is doing quite a good work in respect of health institutions and for medical education. In my State, West Bengal, at least, I can say that the MCI is helping for the betterment of the healthcare system.

In that way, the elected body of the doctors can only do justice to the medical service and to the medical education. It can only keep the records for the registration of doctors. We also want the authority of renewal of the registration of the doctors with it. With these words, I oppose the Ordinance.