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March 13, 2015

WB CM chairs meeting with Kolkata hawkers

WB CM chairs meeting with Kolkata hawkers

West Bengal Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee chaired a meeting with the hawkers, doing business on the streets of Kolkata. The meeting took place at the Rabindra Sarobar Stadium in South Kolkata.

The Chief Minister spoke about a number of provisions for the hawkers. She said that the hawkers will be given a Registration Certificate and free Trade License.

The Chief Minister shared a toll free number and IVRS numbers to assist hawkers.

Toll free number: 1800-3453375

IVRS numbers: 033-2226-9909 and 033-2286-1212



Highlights of WB CM’s speech:

  • We have to keep in mind the business of the shop owners, our commitment to people comes first
  • Hawkers should not encroach on the area of shop keepers and completely take over the footpaths
  • I am not in favour of eviction of hawkers but in favour of making you all self sufficient
  • We have made a policy for hawkers of Bengal. We will give you registration numbers through centers, that we are setting up from July
  • From 15 July, individual applications will be accepted for 3 months, which will include your location and personal details
  • Details of hawkers will include – Name, Age, Address, Phone Number, Residential Address and Duration of business
  • Registration counters will be set up under KMC and one dedicated officer will be appointed at every such registration counter
  • You can call toll free number 1800-3453375, and other land-line numbers 033-22269909 & 033-22861212 (IVRS) are being set up for your benefit
  • From January to March a verification process will be carried out. On completion, hawkers will get a Registration Certificate and free Trade License
  • I will help you set up sheds, in an equal joint venture between  the Government and  individual set up. Hawkers can submit your desired designs to KMC
  • We are making a committee consisting of the police, Government, KMC and hawkers, to ensure smooth running of these hawkers
  • You have to keep the roads clear, and clean and build Kolkata as a beautiful city. It is your duty to keep this city clean
  • You should be vigilant regarding security of the people and the city at all times. It is your social responsibility to do so
  • On Poila Baisakh, I will hand over recognition certificates for the hawkers