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March 13, 2015

Bengal achieves 95% rural electrification

Bengal achieves 95% rural electrification

In May 2011 after Ms Mamata Banerjee became the Chief Minister of West Bengal, she vowed to electrify each and every village in the State. As per West Bengal’s nodal distribution agency, West Bengal State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd, in April 2011 the total no. of subscribers was 88 lakh which has now reached over one crore 48 lakh.

Electrification has reached to 38 lakh new subscribers in last 20 months. A few years ago, electrification depth was quite low in Bengal in comparison to other states of the country.

This increase is due to the drive taken by the West Bengal Government to reach out to the farthest corners in the remotest villages of the state.

As per the distribution company 95% of electrification has been completed in the state and by June next year, 100% will be done.  The main hurdle faced was implementation of infrastructure as many villagers had objection of electric poles being implanted on their land but through continuous dialogue this issue has been solved. Now, there is no village in the state where electrification has not reached.