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March 4, 2015

We will fight for our rights: WB CM

We will fight for our rights: WB CM

West Bengal CM Ms Mamata Banerjee addressed a press conference at Nabanna today. She spoke on the issue of long pending debt stress the State has been in. In the last 3 years, the Centre has deducted more than Rs 1 lakh Crore as interest for loans taken by the previous Government.

She also spoke regarding the situation of potato cultivation in the State.

Highlights of the press conference:

  • Our Government came to power after 34 years of CPM rule with the blessings and good wishes of people
  • Rs 1.5 lakh Crore has been taken away from our treasury due to sins of previous Government
  • How will we work if funds are reduced this way? No one else is facing the problem except us
  • Kerala and Punjab have been relieved of their debt burden, but we did not get any such relief
  • In the 5 year life of this Government, we have waited for 3 years. Now our patience has run out
  • We will now take it upon ourselves to attain what we deserve
  • In spite of problems we did not pass the burden on to the people
  • No salary or pension was withheld
  • State is buying 50,000 MT potatoes, which will be sent for Midday meal Scheme. The state is taking many steps to address the potato crisis
  • Subsidy worth Rs 10 Crore will be given to the farmers. The target of potato export is 2 lakh MT this year