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March 8, 2015

GPS monitoring for CSTC Buses

GPS monitoring for CSTC Buses

The new CSTC buses will now be monitored by GPS. Out of 632 new buses, 234 are air-conditioned and the remaining 129 will be on the road by end of this month. CSTC is now running its buses in 29 routes. Now, for all these buses, software is being created for better turnaround time and to provide prompt and better service to the commuters.

Through this GPS based software, the CSTC officials will be able to monitor the buses in lag time. All maintenance related jobs, details of refuelling, speed and time taken and route monitoring can be scrutinized closely with the help of this technology.

In the near future a similar GPS related service will also be extended to the commuters.

CSTC is also set to launch ‘smart-card’ for the passengers to solve their problem of paying change every time they purchase tickets.

Last but not the least, after all these years of loss, CSTC has finally turned around and now is booking profit from June last year of about Rs One Crore per month. The no of commuter is expected to rise during summer months as more and more travellers prefer air-conditioned journeys.