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March 23, 2015

Water logging no longer a problem in Kolkata, thanks to modern sewer system by KMC

Water logging no longer a problem in Kolkata, thanks to modern sewer system by KMC

The Kolkata Municipal Corporation’s project for upgradation of the man-entry brick sewer system is nearing completion. This will substantially bring relief to the menace of water logging during monsoon. KMC also has installed mechanical sewer machines to remove water logging and cleaning choked sewers.

Primary reasons for water logging: 

• Reduction of hydraulic capacity of the sewerage system due to heavy siltation

• Century old brick sewers in poor structural condition along most stretches leading to collapse

• Rapid urbanization and destruction of wetlands has resulted in increased runoff reaching the sewers

• Century old pumps and pumping machineries of the pumping station

• Silted up outfall canals in and around Kolkata

In the last few years KMC has rapidly upgraded its systems by not only building new brick sewer systems and installing mechanical sewer machines but also by construction of new pumping stations, time to time cleaning of silt, dredging of canals and also by protecting its existing wetlands.

To keep the city clean and to prevent water logging in the city, as citizens there are some do’s and don’ts which are required to be followed to help the Municipal Corporation to do their job and give high quality services in turn;

• Ensure garbage is not dumped specially in nikashi or gully pits

• Please stop usage of plastic lower than the prescribed micron thickness

• In case you notice choked sewers/ gully pits/ house drainage then please contact your local ward office or the concerned office of your area

• As a preventive measure you may also put a danger sign or some prominent object on the same or a stick protruding out of the manhole

• You can also register your complaints in the grievance cell of KMC

• Adhere to KMC’s guidelines during construction of buildings  and stick to the sanctioned plans