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March 19, 2015

Government must look at the interest of kisans and mazdoors: Trinamool in LS

Government must look at the interest of kisans and mazdoors: Trinamool in LS

Sugata Bose, Arpita Ghosh, Pratima Mandal and Mamtaz Sanghamita spoke  in the Lok Sabha on the agrarian situation in the country.

Sugata Bose raised the concern regarding the agricultural sector. The agricultural output has grown by only 1% in the last year. Agricultural sector constitutes about 55% of the employment in the nation, but contributed less than 15% of the GDP.

He urged the Government to immediately focus on irrigation so that it provides rural employment in the short run and increase productivity in the long run.

“The West Bengal Government’s ‘Jol Dharo Jol Bharo‘ programme has been more farsighted and successful. The Central Government’s ‘Krishi Sichai Yojana‘ should take lessons from West Bengal’s scheme”, he said.

He highlighted the importance of increase in the cold storage capacity and took the example of Bhangar, where with the support of West Bengal’s State Horticulture Department, a vegetable producer’s company has been established. As a result, per hectare output has increased dramatically from 7500 kg to 9500 kg and average peasant’s income has risen from Rs 22000 in 140 days to Rs 88000 in 120 days

Sugata Bose concluded by urging the House to rise to its full stature and make sure that the peasants, agricultural labourers and the range of service providers in rural areas be made partners and not victims in India’s development story.

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Arpita Ghosh criticised the Government for focusing only on corporatisation, but not on the agricultural sector. She highlighted the West Bengal Government’s initiatives in the agricultural sector like setting up ‘Kisan Mandis’ in every block and ‘Jal Dharo Jal Bharo’ Scheme.

“According to many surveys, in the last 7-8 years, almost 3 Crore farmers have left farming, many are contemplating to leave farming and many have committed suicide,” said Arpita Ghosh.

She urged the Government to set up a dedicated research institute in arid areas of West Bengal like Purulia and Bankura and to focus on agro-based industries in the State.

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Pratima Mandal asked the Government to have more policies to regulate the market  to ensure that the farmers get the fair price for their productions.

She said, “Soil test is a major issue in this regard, so that the farmers can know which crop is suitable for which field. Digging of canals and installation of deep shallow are required to maintain the water flow to the field. I would request to the Minister to allot more fund in this respect.”

She urged the Government for upgradation of Kalyani Krishi Vidyalaya for more effective research in the interest of the farmers of West Bengal.

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Mamtaz Sanghamita pointed out that even though India is an agricultural country, with 70% of rural population of  India are dependent on agriculture, yet policies formulated are not sufficient. Farmers are facing obstacles in cultivation system, natural calamities, no subsidy on fertilisers making them to lead them a borderline life.

She said, “Even when there is surplus yield of the agricultural product, there is no uniform system or rule of distribution or export to different states of India or abroad.”

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