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March 25, 2015

State Government employees now brought under e-payment

State Government employees now brought under e-payment

The West Bengal Government has brought all payments to its employees under e-payment.

Earlier only salary used to be transferred through e-payment whereas all other adhoc payments like tour allowance, medical bill, and various types of loans used to be done by cheques.

Now, the State Finance Department has issued instruction to all its departments to update their data bank with employees’ bank details and from April onward all payment related to employee benefits will be done through e-payment.

Benefits derived from the scheme:

  • It will reduce the risk of bringing the cash from the bank and hazards of handling the cash such as cash shortage
  • It will reduce the cost of security arrangement
  • It will reduce the loss of man-hour for disbursing and receiving salary on pay-day

To align with the system it is requested that data be collected and updated within 31 March 2015 for a hassle free performance of the new system for the convenience of all employees.