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March 3, 2015

Emergency Observation Wards set up in State Hospitals

Emergency Observation Wards set up in State Hospitals

Along with ‘zero delay’ in providing emergency medical help, emergency observation is also very important. Keeping this in mind the State Health Dept has asked all state run hospitals, medical colleges and district hospitals, having at-least 300 beds, to start ‘Emergency Observation Ward’ immediately. Medical Colleges will have 16 such wards, Districts Hospitals eight and State General Hospitals will have minimum two of such wards.

The wards will serve the following purposes:

– Patients who need immediate help and can get better after prompt medical attention, will not be required to be admitted otherwise, thus saving space crunch in these hospitals.
– ECG, Blood Sugar, Troponin Tests in case of chest pain, Malaria Antigen Tests, Blood Cell Count etc., will be done here on emergency basis.
– Life saving drugs, if needed, will be provided free of cost in these wards.
– Ventilation facilities will also be available

After the patients receive treatment in Emergency, they suffer as the attention from them shifts to other patients but here they will be kept under observation and follow up treatment will be done without any delay thus giving the patients better chances of survival. This facility will also save space as many a time patients are admitted, occupies a much needed bed, whereas they can get better within a few hours of proper medical attention. Patients having chest pain, breathlessness, dehydration, hypoglycaemia etc will greatly benefit from this facility.