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March 26, 2015

Initiatives taken by KMC for the prevention of mosquito-borne diseases

Initiatives taken by KMC for the prevention of mosquito-borne diseases

Kolkata Municipal Corporation has taken various steps to control mosquito borne deceases. The deaths due to malaria have come down to zero in the last few years. The initiatives have received international mention is Oxford journals.

In a study conducted, it has shown that  for February, the peak month for mosquito breeding, densities for egg rafts, larvae, pupae and adults, respectively, declined from 800, 2942, 1457 and 662 to 3, 75, 15 and 27.

Steps taken by the KMC:

  • Identifying the high risk area: Based on the data for last 3 years, 52 wards were identified as high risk areas
  • Joint drive for source reduction: KMC with other government departments like water supply, building, drainage and solid waste management took weekly joint drives for the period of peak malaria transmission. It was effective in destroying the mosquito breeding sites
  • Organising health camps and malaria clinics: Health camps adjoining to the slum areas were undertaken every year
  • Larvicidal spray: Larvicidal spray was done in door to door basis for all KMC wards. More than 1300 people are employed for the purpose, who carried the work all round the year
  • Plying speed boats along the canals: KMC has taken an initiative to ply speed boats along the canals and treat the canals with larvicidal spray to stop the breeding of mosquitoes. Speed boat generated waves were also very effective in preventing breeding of mosquitoes
  • Use of larvivorous fish: Efforts to destroy mosquito by using guppy fish were taken. To ensure availability, in house production of guppy fish was made in hatcheries
  • Mosquito research laboratory: Trinamool after coming to power in 2010, did set up the first-of-its kind laboratory in eastern India. Facilities were made for entomologists to undertake research and multiple research papers from the Institute  were published in journals of international repute
  • Early diagnosis and complete treatment (EDCT): EDCT is one of the key strategies of the National Malaria Control Programme. KMC has set up 140 malaria clinics across the city, and suspected cases of malaria were treated in accordance with the National Drug Policy
  • Awareness programme through TV, Radio, leaflets, using mobile vans: High voltage mass awareness programme were launched by KMC. From audio CD, to television advertisements, to leaflets, to mobile vans to tabloids, KMC has taken a host of initiatives for creating awareness