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March 22, 2015

KMC takes measure to control air pollution in city crematoriums

KMC takes measure to control air pollution in city crematoriums

Keeping with the sentiments of the people and in a bid to provide cleaner and pollution free environment, the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) installed pollution-free wooden pyres and air pollution control devices at Keoratala crematorium in South Kolkata.

These air pollution control devices installed by KMC would reduce smoke, stench and pollution from wooden funeral pyres.

While, a major chunk of people prefer electric pyres for cremating bodies, some still prefer wooden pyres. This revamp of the pyres will provide relief to people, who accompany the body and need to wait till the cremation is over.

About 180 kg of wood is needed to burn a body. The process takes about three hours. The smoke and heat become intolerable and makes it very difficult to stay near the pyre. The new system will reduce heat, smoke and stench. Those living near the burning ghat will also benefit.

Hoods fitted with exhaust fans have been installed over these wooden pyres. The sucked-up smoke will be emitted through a 40ft tall chimney. A pollution control device fitted to the top of the chimney will clean the smoke and reduce ash particles in it.

A similar measure was taken for Nimtala Ghat, in North Kolkata and the Kolkata Municipal Corporation plans to renovate more crematoriums across the city as annually about 53,000 bodies are cremated in these burning ghats.

Besides taking anti-pollution measures, steps have been taken to beautify the adjoining areas too.