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November 5, 2018

Tantuja sales rose by 35% this festive season

Tantuja sales rose by 35% this festive season

Tantuja, the State Government’s chain of handloom stores saw a windfall this festive season as its sales rose by a massive 35 per cent.

Costly sarees were sold too, examples being a muslin silk saree worth Rs 3.15 lakh getting sold from the chain’s Salt Lake showroom and a baluchari saree worth Rs 54,000 from the Park Street showroom. The latter is an exclusive showroom for balucharis.

Of course, the majority of these handloom sarees are in the affordable price range, starting from Rs 106, but those who can pay are willing to splurge on some of the unique products too. The exquisiteness of these sarees, be it the material or the design or the handiwork, is attracting more and more people to them.

According to the managing director of Tantuja, sales worth about Rs 30 crore were carried out from the 84 counters spread out across the country, which is a rise by 35 per cent compared to the previous festive season. Not just sarees, recent months have seen a steady rise in earning from the selling of salwars, kurtas and shirts too, both from stores and online channels.

He said that sales through e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon is contributing a substantial amount to the revenue of the chain. The managing director also informed that a market for Tantuja products has been created in the United States too.

This has brought a lot of cheer to all those connected with the products, be they the employees or the saree-makers. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has done a lot to revamp the government’s heritage products chains Tantuja and Manjusha. As a result, the handloom and crafts makers across the State have been able to increase their earnings substantially and the sales are also contributing to a revival of the traditional arts and crafts of Bangla.

Source: Ei Samay