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November 30, 2018

E-content & website for school education syllabus

E-content & website for school education syllabus

In going with the current trend of digitising education, the State Government’s Education Department is going to create e-content for every level of school education, right from primary to higher secondary, and create a website to host that content. This was announced recently by the School Education secretary after a detailed meeting on the topic.

To break the monotony of students and to make classroom learning more attractive, animated and moving-image content, and real-life documentaries would be made.

Besides the course contents, the proposed website would also contain all information related to Kanyashree Scheme, government scholarships and important government advertisements and notifications of the last six months.

The State Government has already introduced the concept of e-classroom in many of its schools (and is continuing with it) wherein certain subjects are being taught by showing animated and moving-image versions of concepts and events through projectors. The new versions of e-content would enhance by several times the experience of e-classrooms.

Source: Ei Samay