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November 18, 2018

Pollution-monitoring devices being set up across Kolkata

Pollution-monitoring devices being set up across Kolkata

As part of an integrated public transport management project in Kolkata by the World Bank, in collaboration with the State Transport Department, air quality monitoring devices are being installed across the city.

The survey will continue till December and if required, such devices would get installed at more locations.

The devices, known as portable air quality monitoring device, are being set up at 20 locations, atop light posts on the roadside, for giving real-time data on particulate matter (ranging between PM 2.5 and PM 10).

A distance of tentatively 2 km is being maintained between two devices where the air quality has been found to be very poor due to heavy vehicular movement.

The data will be shared with the State Government and Kolkata Traffic police so that steps are taken to curb pollution in places where it is found to be alarming.

It may be mentioned that currently there are 17 pollution monitoring stations under West Bengal Pollution Control Board among which three are automatic. The data available from the manual stations are scrutinised at the international level.

Source: Millennium Post