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November 13, 2018

100 Days’ Work Scheme – Boon for women of Nandigram

100 Days’ Work Scheme – Boon for women of Nandigram

The 100 Days’ Work Scheme (formally, MGNREGS) has opened up new vistas in empowerment for the women of Nandigram. Now they are providing equally in running households.

This year, the number of women registered under MGNREGS in Nadigram-1 block is the highest of all years. Seventy-five per cent of the workforce now comprises of women.

This financial year, till now, per capita, the people of the block have managed to reach 40 per cent of the target for person days. Nearly 1400 people work under 100 Days’ Work scheme in Manuchowk Sangsad of Bhektuiya Panchayat, majority of whom are women. They are involved in construction of river embankments and ponds.

Women have been provided with saplings of trees; poultries have been set up for them to rear hens and ducks. These will open up new avenues of their income. Coupled with 100 Days’ work, these initiatives are helping in empowering women in rural Bangla.