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November 24, 2018

Heart transplantation for free at govt hospital, courtesy Didi

Heart transplantation for free at govt hospital, courtesy Didi

The State Government has decided to set up a fund for operations relating to transplantation of organs in the public healthcare system. With regular cases of organ transplantation surgeries taking place now, the government wants to keep an adequate flow of funds for these kinds of critical surgeries.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is very keen that life-giving transplantation operations do not get affected due to lack of money on the part of patients. There should not be any red-tapism related to the flow of funds.

Organ transplantation is picking up at a steady state in Bengal. The State Government is doing a lot of awareness work related to donations of organs. The police is doing a good job of creating green channels, that is, special-access routes with all signals green, not only within Kolkata but from one place in the State to another.

The longest-ever green channel till date was created recently when the liver and two kidneys of a brain-dead patient were transported over 170 km from Durgapur to Kolkata (SSKM Hospital).

Recently too, a heart transplant took place in Calcutta Medical College and Hospital, the first such instance in Bengal, the heart being extracted from a brain-dead patient. Cadaveric liver and kidneys transplants are taking place as well. There is a steady donation and transplantation of corneas too.

Source: The Statesman