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November 28, 2018

This fight is between BJP and Bangla: Abhishek Banerjee in Purulia

This fight is between BJP and Bangla: Abhishek Banerjee in Purulia

Trinamool Youth Congress National President and MP, Abhishek Banerjee today called on party workers in Purulia to unitedly fight against the BJP, and follow the path shown by Mamata Banerjee. He was addressing a public rally at Balarampur.

Highlights of his speech:

  • People have turned up in large numbers for this public meeting. I convey my deep gratitude to all.
  • We have come here with the aim of establishing Purulia as the best among the 23 districts of the State, and to continue the tide of development in the district.
  • We always fulfill the promises we make to people. Purulia was once lagging behind other districts, because of the Maoist problem. We have been able to bring peace and an environment of communal harmony and unity in this district. It is our principal aim to bring in all round development for the people.
  • BJP is in power in Jharkhand, Chhatishgarh, and Bihar. Odisha has a different party in power. One has to keep in mind that only Mamata Banerjee could bring peace by solving the Maoist problem.
  • I am sure you remember that seven-eight years ago, the situation of Balarampur was different. People were afraid to step out of their houses even in broad daylight. In the last seven years, there was not a single incident of Maoist violence. This is the victory of Maa Mati Manush.
  • What happened to the promise of Achhe Din? Price of cooking gas has crossed Rs 1000. Value of dollar has crossed Rs 75, price of pulses is Rs 80. This is the situation now; India is in a state of economic disaster.
  • People’s savings at home is termed ‘black money’, while the savings at banks is no longer secure. The Centre is not working for the development of the people. They are busy spending Rs 3000 crore for a statue. This is the true picture of the BJP.
  • They are driving Biharis out of Gujarat and Bengalis out of Assam. They are anti-Bengali.
  • The BJP is trying to create disturbances in Purulia district. Every now and then, they are fomenting trouble. We have to answer them back.
  • A historic rally will be held at Brigade grounds in Kolkata on January 19. I will appeal to all the people of the district to join the rally. Roadmap of the future will be laid down by Mamata Banerjee and leaders of other Opposition parties who will be present at the rally.
  • We have to build a new India, secular India, peaceful India, progressive India in the future. With that aim in mind, I urge you all to come to Brigade grounds on January 19.
  • We have to carry on the tide of development in Purulia district, irrespective of caste, creed or political affiliation. In the past, the Chief Ministers of CPI(M) hardly visited Purulia. They were afraid to set foot here. The Paschimanchal districts of Jangalmahal, Jhargram, Bankura and Purulia were deprived of development. When Trinamool came to power, Mamata Banerjee first visited Jangalmahal on July 21, with a slew of developmental projects.
  • Peace reigns in Purulia now; the district is on course for development. We have to sustain this momentum and make the district the best among all.
  • BJP leaders use deplorable words; they issue threats of violence and destruction. Trinamool is committed to constructive politics. This is a fight between peace and terrorism. This is a fight between harmony and communalism. This is a fight between the BJP and Bangla.
  • We have to pay them back in such a manner that they become non-existent in Purulia. Even microscopes should fail to spot them. Let us take a pledge today that we will continue to work unitedly under the guidance of of our leader Mamata Banerjee. Let her life of struggle be our guidance for the future.
  • We have seen Lalit Modi run away with Rs 12,000 crore and Nirav Modi vanished with another Rs 15,000 crore. Businessmen like Mehul Choksi have made India bankrupt. But those who tried to harm Mamata Banerjee’s Bangla in the last seven years have not been spared. This is the difference between Mamata Banerjee and the rest.
  • We have never seen Narendra Modi selling tea but we have seen Mamata Banerjee staying in a humble house with tiled roof. She manages the developmental initiatives for 10 crores people of the State from this house. She has not changed a bit.
  • In the past, we have never seen any Chief Minister tour the districts with officials in tow, scrutinising the progress of developmental projects. But our leader does that. She has kept all her promises.
  • Her government is always with the people, from birth till death.
  • When a baby is born, a sapling is given under Sabujshree scheme. Financial aid is given to relatives when somebody dies, for the cremation/burial. We have been given government benefits to people under different schemes like Kanyashree, Rupashree, Gatidhara, Gitanjali, Sabuj Sathi, Nijo Griha Nijo Bhumi.
  • Some people are trying to drive a wedge between the Adivasis and Kurmis. Our leader Mamata Banerjee has brought a law so that no one can usurp the land belonging to Adivasis.
  • The Kurmi community has been given their due respect; Kurmi Development Board has been set up and Rs 10 crore has been allocated for the same. Manbhum Cultural Academy has been set up. Super-specialty hospitals, ITIs, polytechnic colleges, Krishak Bazars have been set up.
  • Our strength is the developmental work done by our government. We have to march on unitedly, spreading the message of development. This should be our pledge today.