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November 26, 2018

Youths and students getting more opportunities now: Mamata Banerjee at Jhargram

Youths and students getting more opportunities now: Mamata Banerjee at Jhargram

Bangla Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today inaugurated several projects at Jhargram. She also laid the foundation stones of many projects at the same function. The public benefit distribution programme was held at Kapgari Seva Bharati Mahavidyalay in Jhargram district.

From roads to primary health centres, rest rooms to repair work of roads, several projects were inaugurated. The CM also laid the foundation stones of projects like night shelters for patient families, hostels for girls, irrigation projects, road repair etc.

Direct benefits like Kanyashree, Sikshashree, Sabuj Sathi were distributed as well.

Highlights of the Chief Minister’s speech:

From today’s programme, we have distributed government benefits to more than 10,000 people directly.

The number of government schemes that we have in Bangla today, is unmatched.

In 1992, I started by Jana Sanjog Yatra from Belpahari. At that time, the villagers there used to survive on insect eggs. They had marks on their skin. They did not have access to food for 9 out of 12 months in a year.

After coming to power, I started the scheme of providing rice at Rs 2/kg to tribal families in Jhargram. A person must at least have access to two square meals a day, if not anything else.

Food, shelter and healthcare are free for the people. It will be hard to believe that people die of starvation despite these initiatives.

Kendu leaf collectors used to get Rs 37. We doubled that amount and also started a pension scheme for them.

We have started stipend for widows, farmers. The Kanyashree scholarship has been extended to all girls in the State. SC/ST students get Sikshashree scholarship.

Primary school students receive school bags, books, shoes and uniforms for free. They also receive mid-day meals for free.

We have schemes for every stage of life – from birth to death. We distribute Sabuj Shree saplings to parents of newborn babies after birth. This will secure their future. We also give financial assistance to poor families for the last rites of their deceased near and dear ones. We have also renovated crematoriums and graveyards.

We have declared Jhargram as a new district. We have built new roads, polytechnics, ITIs, stadiums, bridges, colleges, universities, Kisan Mandis.

Despite the huge debt burden left behind by the previous government, we are carrying out so many social welfare schemes. Show me another State or government which does that. People from Jharkhand come to Bangla for better healthcare facilities. Land of Adivasis is captured there. In Bangla, we have laws protecting them.

As elections are approaching, some people are indulging in divisive politics. They are driving wedges between Adivasis and Mahatos, brothers and sisters, boys and girls, Hindus and Muslims. Bangla will not accept this.

We have given recognition to Ol Chiki language, Hindi, Urdu, Gurmukhi, Kurmali, Kurukh, Rajbongshi and Kamtapuri. We have set up schools and colleges with Ol Chiki as medium of instruction. Para-teachers have been appointed. University will also be set up.

Those who are inciting violence now, those who are indulging in divisive politics, where were they when Jangalmahal was witnessing bloodshed?

There was a time when fear ruled this region – there were no schools and colleges. People were afraid of stepping out of their homes. Every year 400-500 people were killed. So many young lives were lost forever.

Even I was advised in the past not to travel after sunset. People used to avoid Jangalmahal. There were no tourists. I was stuck at Pirakata jungle for 3 hours in Lalgarh once.

There is a tide of development in Jhargram now. Youths and students are getting a lot of opportunities. They have been encouraged to take up sports. Adivasis play dhamsa-madol at Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata.

Where were BJP and CPI(M) when people used to starve in Jangalmahal? Where were the red and saffron parties?

We have registered over 2 lakh folk artistes under Lok Prasar Prakalpa. They get a stipend of Rs 1000 per month. They also feature in government ads and functions.

Remember, it is the state government which implements schemes at Panchayat level. The Centre’s responsibilities include foreign affairs, border etc. We have nothing to say. On the economic front, they have created a disaster. From CBI to RBI – everyone is saying bye-bye. From health to education, roads to infrastructure – these are done by the State Government.

State Government does all the work, and just before elections they distribute money and alcohol for votes. Do not listen to them. This is people’s money. It will be clear in the future what a monumental scam Jan Dhan was. The cat will come out of the bag. From Jan Dhan to LPG scam, everything will be out in the open. They cannot feed people but will leave no stone unturned to exploit them.

We believe in equality of all religions. We are not like them who chant Ram’s name in the morning, turn ‘left’ in the evening and go ‘boomerang’ at night. Bangla is the land of tolerance and harmony. We do not seek votes in the name of Gods. They are adding fuel to the fire (of religious politics).

They do not worship Ram. They worship Ravan. They just pretend (to worship Ram). They are rioters. They divide people. They spreads canards.

They are trying to destabilise Jhargram with the help of some Maoists, so that people suffer again. BJP is in power in Chhattisgarh for such a long time. Why have they failed to tackle the issue of Maoist violence? Everyday people are being killed. They are oly big in talk, zero in action.

People must be aware. CPI(M) destroyed Bangla for seven years. Today they have joined hands with the BJP; they were red shirts by they day and saffron at night. They are bereft of ideology. They do not want people of Bangla to be happy.

It took a lot of hard work for us to restore peace in Darjeeling and Jangalmahal. And the BJP is only focussed on looting public money, selling off the country and creating religious divide. Idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

Every religion has their own deity. But BJP wants to impose their views on all. We respect all religions. Instead of making sure people have access to education, health, electricity, they are only focussed on inciting riots.

I will advise my Kanyashree girls not to pay heed to these divisive forces. Stand steadfast against them. Bangla will not tolerate this. Those who indulge in divisive politics, are enemies of the society. You the future of the society.

More than 12,000 farmers committed suicide across India, specially in BJP-ruled States of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. We have waived khajna tax on agricultural along with mutation fee. We provide agricultural equipment to farmers for free. We have set up Kisan Mandis and distributed Kisan Credit Cards.

We have given employment to over 40,000 youths in Jangalmahal. At a time when unemployment is on the rise across the country, we have reduced the same in Bangla. We want our young generation to study and stand on their feet.

The ASHA and ICDS workers are so hardworking. Suddenly, the Centre stopped paying their salaries. We are giving them monthly honorarium from our side. We have given them Sabuj Sathi cycle and smartphones. We are helping them so that future is secure.

We have recruited more than 1 lakh civic volunteers. Their salaries have been increased to Rs 8000.