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November 12, 2018

BJP indulges in divisive politics during elections: Mamata Banerjee

BJP indulges in divisive politics during elections: Mamata Banerjee

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today inaugurated a Jagadhatri Puja at Posta in Burrabazar. The puja is organised by Posta Bazar Merchant Chamber of Commerce.

Trinamool Congress MP Sudip Bandyopadhyay, Shashi Panja, Minister of State for Women Development and Child Welfare, Smita Bakshi, local MLA, and the Commissioner of Kolkata Police were also present at the function.

Highlights of the Chief Minister’s speech:

  • This is a cosmopolitan area. People from all walks of life – labourers, traders, businessmen – organise this Puja together. I love coming to this Puja every year.
  • Tomorrow is Chhath Puja. My best wishes to all. Our government has declared a state holiday tomorrow. Day after tomorrow, we have declared a sectional holiday for those who are celebrating.
  • For us, politics does not mean reaching out to people only during elections. We stand beside them throughout the year, in times of happiness as well as grief.
  • I want to ask them, what have they done for Burrabazar area. What have they done for Posta, and the Hindi-speaking people?
  • BJP and CPI(M) go to the people only during elections. We are with the people all the time, for 365 days a year, even during festivals. My whole team comes here.
  • They play divisive politics during elections. They seek votes from the Hindi-speaking people. Why will they vote for you? So many of our labourers live in other States. People of other States also live here in Bengal.
  • I want to ask the BJP why are people from UP and Bihar being forced to leave Gujarat? They are also expelling Bengalis from Assam. They resort to religious politics only during elections.
  • Hindu traditions are thousands of years old. BJP was formed only 20-22 years ago. They are misleading people in the name of religion.
  • We respect all religions. We take people of all communities and religions along while celebrating festivals. We worship Durga,
  • we worship Kali. We also celebrate Diwali and Chhath Puja. This is our tradition. We do not need lectures from BJP.
  • They are talking of Rath Yatra. These raths have all five-star luxuries. All show-off. Earlier they used to seek votes in the name of Ram.
  • They have produced fake leaders in the country. The trading community has been affected by demonetisation and GST. People are being intimidated with threats of income tax/CBI raids.
  • No one is happy today. Business is suffering. Traders are not happy. During demonetisation I had visited Burrabazar several times.
  • They are asking for GST slips even for buying batasha worth a few pennies. They have lost their minds.
  • They have spoilt the name of every agency in the country. No one raised a finger at the RBI, ED or CBI before. They have destroyed the country.
  • Even today there were Maoist attacks in Chhattisgarh on polling day. They are in power there for 15 years and yet they could address the naxal problem. In Bengal, we have solved the issue in two years after coming to power.
  • They only spread fake news and hateful comments on social media, to incite violence. Their party office has become like a five-star hotel, while common people are suffering.
  • I want our labourers, farmers, youths, women to be happy. They are intimidating people so much, one day people will teach them a lesson.