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November 19, 2018

State Govt to come out with interactive app for restaurants

State Govt to come out with interactive app for restaurants

Very often tourists depend on the website of the State Tourism Department to find out good restaurants at the places they visit. Taking advantage of this trend, the department has decided to launch an interactive mobile app next month, listing all the good restaurants in Kolkata and other places across the State.

To begin with, the restaurants already listed on the Tourism Department website will find a place in the app. More and more restaurants will be added gradually. This app will have provisions for customers to share their experiences.

Depending on detailed surveys, the department will also rate the restaurants with stars. A valid trade license is a primary requirement. Besides the quality of food, other factors like health-friendly environment, waiting rooms, washrooms and fire-fighting arrangements will be taken into account.

Since tourists visit the Tourism Department website for finding out names and locations of restaurants, it would be to the restaurant owners’ advantage to have their establishments listed on the app too. And naturally, good ratings will draw more customers.

Source: Aajkaal