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November 16, 2018

Monetary compensation for wild animal attack victims increased

Monetary compensation for wild animal attack victims increased

The Bangla Government has increased the one-time monetary compensation for victims of wild animal attacks. The details have been published by the State Forest Department.

In case of such a death, the family of the victim will receive an ex gratia of Rs 4 lakh. This is double the previous amount.

The family of the victim would have to apply in the proper format. After verifying all details of the incident, the government would award the compensatory amount to the family or if applicable, any other legal heir of the victim.

For incidents of maiming too due to wild animal attacks, the compensations have been increased. For the loss of 40 to 60 per cent of vision, the amount is now Rs 59,100. For loss of vision more than 60 per cent, the amount of compensation would be Rs 2 lakh. The victim’s family would have to submit a declaration from a government hospital or dispensary regarding the percentage loss of vision.

The third category of victims for whom the compensation has been increased is those admitted to a hospital after an attack. For hospitalisation of less than a week, the compensation would be Rs 4,300, and for more than a week, it would increase to Rs 12,700.

Source: Sangbad Pratidin