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November 13, 2018

Comprehensive census of waterbodies of Bangla

Comprehensive census of waterbodies of Bangla

The Water Resources Investigation and Development (WRID) Department will soon undertake a minor irrigation census (MIC) to have a comprehensive figure of the waterbodies in the entire State.

This is for the first time when the census will include even surface waterbodies like very small pools of water. According to a senior official of the WRID Department, as many as 25 to 30 types of waterbodies including tube-wells will be covered under the MIC. The official further said that the aim behind the move is to have a concise data for sensible and logical planning when it comes to using water for irrigation.

The exercise will be conducted by the State Water Investigation Directorate (SWID), which comes under the aegis of the WRIDD and is responsible for carrying out investigation along with a quantitative and qualitative assessment of water resources.

The SWID will classify all the 341 blocks in the state into three categories – critical, semi-critical and safe, and accordingly prepare a roadmap for the scientific use of groundwater in the near future.

Apart from designating blocks based on the three parameters, the State Government will also come out with a direction for the agencies about how much water extraction will be allowed for agriculture or industry purposes.

Source: Millennium Post