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November 16, 2018

Manifold increase in Bangla’s mining revenue

Manifold increase in Bangla’s mining revenue

The amount of revenue collected from minor and major minerals in Bangla stands at Rs 2,264 crore – Rs 574 crore from minor minerals and Rs 1,690 crore from major minerals. When the Trinamool Congress Government came to office in 2011, the revenue from minor minerals stood at only Rs 88.6 crore.

The information was given by the State Industry, Commerce and Enterprises Minister Dr Amit Mitra while speaking at the Global Mining Summit 2018, organised recently by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) at Eco Park. Currently, the State Government has 228 mines in the Raniganj and Asansol regions.

The amount has increased because of the transparency and the integrity that have been incorporated into the system, he said. The revenues have been lent to social and physical infrastructure.

Dr Mitra said that the Bangla Government has been given five exploration proposals through mineral exploration coverage by the Central Government and that the State is working on them.

The minister added that Bengal has 35 billion tonnes of coal reserves, consisting of high-value coal with low sulphur and low ash content. Bengal is among the few states to have coal-bed methane (CBM).

Source: Millennium Post