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November 13, 2018

Mamata Banerjee’s message of harmony at Chhath Puja celebrations

Mamata Banerjee’s message of harmony at Chhath Puja celebrations

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today participated in Chhath Puja celebrations at various ghats along river Hooghly in Kolkata. First she went to Takta Ghat in Hastings, and then to Dahighat in Khidderpore. Speaking at both the places, the CM gave a message of harmony and unity.

Highlights of the Chief Minister’s speech:

In other states they do not give so many holidays during the Durga Puja. But we give holidays during Chhath Puja. Even tomorrow is a sectional holiday.

We also give holiday for Buddha Jayanti. The Centre has done away with the holiday for Christmas, but in our State, it is a holiday. We respect all religions equally. That is our responsibility. We believe in the tradition of respecting others.

During Chhath Puja, our administrative system, along with the police force, is there to help the devotees, specially our mothers and sisters. The youths of different clubs provide assistance to the administration during this time. These people will be offering support right until the Puja ends. I offer my thanks to them.

In the evening you will be worshipping Goddess Ganga and tomorrow morning you will be worshipping God Surya. Perform the rituals safely and then go back home safely. Be safe.

I pray to the Goddess to keep everyone healthy and provide justice to all. Lakhs of our brothers and sisters across Bengal will be performing Puja at the river banks. We have made arrangements for lights, mikes, police protection and disposal of wastes. If you ever need any help, our Government, our youth, our administration are ready to help you.

I have been coming for Chhath Puja celebrations here since 1985. If I don’t, I feel bad. Earlier these ghats were in bad shape. I repaired them with my MPLAD funds.

A family has several members. Similarly, a society comprises people from various communities. Look at the stage here. It is mini-India.
We eat semui during Eid, halua during Guru Nanak’s birthday; we participate in Christmas as well as Chhath Puja. We participate in all festivals equally.

In Bengal, no one will ill-treat you because you are from Bihar. That is not our culture. We love everyone equally.