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November 13, 2018

E-ink tech for Newtown public displays

E-ink tech for Newtown public displays

The State Government’s West Bengal Housing & Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO) is exploring ways to adopt e-ink (electronic ink) display technology that consumes very low power as part of its Green City initiative.

It has already installed such a display at a bus stand near Gate 2 of Eco Park, as a pilot project.

According to a HIDCO official, this adoption of low-energy technology is part of the organisation’s efforts to seek Platinum status for Newtown from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). Newtown has already received the Gold rating for being a Green City.

E-ink technology involves minimum power consumption if one doesn’t change the display and then too, only a tiny amount of power is consumed when the display changes. The clarity is also of a very high order. Hence, said the official, this low-power high-contrast display makes for an ideal choice for boards for public announcements, notices, conference schedule and general reading material.

The displays can be uploaded or changed from a laptop connected through WiFi. Another advantage is that one charge would last for a long time.

Source: Millennium Post