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September 17, 2018

Tourism Department launches Sharodotsav packages

Tourism Department launches Sharodotsav packages

0West Bengal Transport Development Corporation Limited (WBTDCL) has published this year’s Durga Puja Parikrama packages. These packages will be available on Mahalaya (October 8) and from Panchami to Nabami (October 13 to October 18).

There are a total of 15 categories of the Sharodotsav Tours, as they are called, including five categories covering the pujas of Kolkata, three vessel tours including one on Mahalaya (October 8), two categories of immersion tours and five categories of district tours. Other than the vessel tours, all are on board buses.

The categories are Mahalaya with Tarpan, Cruise and Celebrate-I, Cruise and Celebrate-II, Udbodhoni, Uttara, Dakshini, Sanatani-I, Sanatani-II (these five cover Kolkata), Immersion-I, Immersion-II, Hooghly Safar, Kasimbazar Sharodotsav (Murshidabad district, including overnight stay), Rarbanger Pujo-I (Borsul in Purba Bardhaman district), Rarbanger Pujo-II (Guskara in Purba Bardhaman district) and Surul Rajbari (Birbhum district)

All the Sharodotsav Tours can be booked online at the WBTDCL website and also through calling up the 24-hour toll-free number, 18002121655. Seats are limited so booking should be done as early as possible.

Source: WBTDCL website