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September 24, 2018

New tourist attraction in Purulia – Shikaras at Saheb Bandh

New tourist attraction in Purulia – Shikaras at Saheb Bandh

The State Paschimanchal Unnayan Department has started shikara services, ala Kashmir, at the 50-acre man-made lake, Saheb Bandh in Purulia from September 11.

The huge lake, a magnet for migratory birds in winter from as far as Siberia and Balochistan, has already been declared a national lake by the Central government.

To given an authentic feel, three shikaras have been brought from Kashmir. The shikara rides are expected to be major draws during the Durga Puja holidays and the winter season.

Kashmiri dresses would also be available at the shikaras, for people to wear and pose. A café is also going to be set up at the shikara point. The rides would available at a cost of Rs 500 per hour per boat and Rs 250 for half an hour. A maximum of five people can board at a time.

The Purulia Municipality has plans to start elephant and horse rides, and buggy car services surrounding the lake as added attractions.

Saheb Bandh has been rechristened Rishi Nibarayan Sayar in honour of local freedom fighter, Nibaran Chandra Sen, though it is still known by its earlier name, given as such since it was dug up in 1843 to provide drinking water for the local British rulers.

Source: The Statesman