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September 19, 2018

Bangla Govt to extend Swayangsiddha scheme to all districts

Bangla Govt to extend Swayangsiddha scheme to all districts

Started two years back by the South 24 Parganas Police, the highly successful Swayangsiddha Scheme is now being extended by the State Government to cover all the districts of Bangla. The State Police would be in charge of implementing the scheme.

Through the scheme, awareness is spread about trafficking of women and children and child marriage, and how to prevent them, and rehabilitation is ensured for trafficked women.

Thus, one part of the project is about strengthening the response mechanism to acts of violation of rights to build safe communities while the other part is about strengthening the access of the vulnerable groups to schemes and entitlements on education, training, livelihood and food security.

According to the State Police, the scheme would be initiated in all the districts from September 20 to 30.

The police in each district, with adequate help from students and community groups, as well as the administration and NGOs, would implement the project, as has been done in South 24 Parganas. Women’s police stations would have a very important role to play.

Since some of the manifestations of the issues are unique to particular districts, it has been decided to take a district-based approach to solve them, rather than a fully top-down approach.

To begin with, school students would be organised into groups to raise awareness about the issues in their schools as well as in their communities.

Every manner of support and security would be extended to them to help them achieve their aims, this being especially important as they would also have to deal with parents and guardians in their local communities to make them aware of these social ills.

Source: Ei Samay