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September 10, 2018

Bangla Govt to give Rs 1 lakh each to sports coaching centres

Bangla Govt to give Rs 1 lakh each to sports coaching centres

After starting the scheme or giving annual grants to clubs for creating interest in sports, the Bangla Government has come up with a programme of giving Rs 1 lakh each to sports coaching centres across the State.

The notification was published on August 27 by the State Youth Services & Sports Department. The idea behind this is to further strengthen the sporting culture of the State, and to enable more and more sportspersons to come to the fore from even the remotest corners of the State and bring glory to the country.

The government took this decision after getting application for financial help from many institutes and coaching camps.

The salient points of the notification regarding the type of institutes that can apply for the Rs 1 lakh grant are as follows:

  • Having as coach a person with a coaching license or a former or current State-level or national-level player
  • Having at least 50 trainees
  • Having proper infrastructure in the form of field or arena or court and equipment
  • Having recommendation of the concerned district sports council or sub-divisional sports council
  • Those not getting benefits under the Khelashree Scheme

All types of sports would be given due importance while providing the grants.

Source: Bartaman