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September 2, 2018

KMC to manufacture organic fertilisers, natural gas from waste

KMC to manufacture organic fertilisers, natural gas from waste

Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has decided to put to good use the thousands of tonnes of vegetables, fruits, flowers, fish and meat waste generated from its markets every day.

It will build plants in Dhapa, Kolkata’s main dumping ground, to manufacture compressed natural gas (CNG) and organic fertilizers out of these. The CNG plant will come up at a cost of Rs 4 crore.

At Dhapa, almost 4,500 metric tonnes of waste is dumped every day, out of which at least 1,500 metric tonnes are plant and animal waste.

The project would start on a pilot basis, when the plan is to produce CNG from 25 metric tonnes of waste. The construction would start this year itself.

KMC has begun several new solid waste management system in recent times. Segregation of waste into bio-waste and other types is one of them. This would be a big help for the CNG-and-fertiliser project as time will be saved by having the waste already segregated when arriving at Dhapa.

Segregation has started in seven wards. The initial plan is to set up segregation activities in 20 wards. Households would also be made aware about segregating waste before dumping them.

Another waste management project begun recently relates to streamlining of waste collection. Instead of three times, waste is now being collected four times a day by KMC, the last time being at night. Since waste is generated till the late hours both from markets which close at night as well as from roadside eateries, there was no option till now but to dump them, which was also often done carelessly. Stench is generated from the rotting waste, and germs too.

In the new system, there are two to three teams roaming boroughs till late evenings; they inform the corporation’s waste collectors about dumps, who then collect them, leading to cleaner neighbourhoods. This system will gradually cover the entire area under KMC.

Source: Aajkaal