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September 28, 2018

Bangla Govt planning to use trams for goods transport

Bangla Govt planning to use trams for goods transport

The State Government is planning to make an innovative use of trams – for carrying goods to different parts of Kolkata. Hence this tram service would connect the major markets in the city, to and from which goods are regularly transported.

Hence, the trams would run at night and early in the morning, as most of the loading and unloading of goods happen during these times.

The service would be introduced in 2019, after the work on the East-West Metro gets over. The trams would run below Howrah Bridge, across Burrabazar, along MG Road from Burrabazar to Sealdah Market and in several other places.

Eight goods-carrying trams have already been built at the Nonapukur Depot. These are now kept at depots across the city. A multinational company has already book one tram for transporting its goods.

The trams have the appearance of vendor compartments of trains. Seating is along the sides. The rest of the space is for goods. Each tram has two compartments. Manufacturing one tram costs Rs 6 lakh, which is much lower than that for a passenger tram.

Source: Khabar 365 Din