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September 2, 2018

Boroli fish in south Bengal too

Boroli fish in south Bengal too

To get over the shortage of the delicious boroli fish for people in south Bengal – the fish being indigenous to north Bengal, and that too available in not large quantities – the State Fisheries Department has decided to start its cultivation at Nalban and the adjacent Goltala fish farm in Kolkata. Not just that, the fish would be available in local markets before the Pujas.

The State Fisheries Development Corporation (SFDC), which is under the Fisheries Department, is overseeing the whole project. Combing the two fish farms, there are currently 4.5 lakh boroli.

Each now weighs 60g to 70g. when they become 70g to 100g, they would be made available in the markets. The price has not been decided yet.

The farming of boroli in south Bengal been been considered a big success by SFDC as till now, it was thought that they would not survive in conditions alien to those available in north Bengal, and that too in closed waterbodies. This is a big success for the scientists of the Fisheries Department.

Source: Ei Samay