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September 13, 2018

Retirement age of nurses increased in Bangla

Retirement age of nurses increased in Bangla

In a big step, the State Government has decided to increase the retirement age of nurses from 60 to 62.

The Trinamool Congress Government has taken several measures for the welfare of nurses. The Swasthya Sathi group health insurance scheme covers all the nurses working in government hospitals and health centres.

In June this year, it was announced that more than 5,000 nurses would be recruited as part of a project to turn the more than 10,000 sub-health centres into Health and Wellness Centres.

The in July, the government announced the setting up of 27 more general nursing and midwifery (GNM) schools, bringing the total to 116, and the recruitment of the required teaching and administrative personnel.

Top-performing nurses (along with doctors) are awarded the Swasthya Puraskar every year.