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September 20, 2018

Online booking to begin today for ‘Puja Parikrama’

Online booking to begin today for ‘Puja Parikrama’

With less than a month to go for the biggest festival in the state, the Transport department has come up with a plethora of initiatives to make this Durga Puja a memorable one.

The online booking for all the services will begin today. One needs to log in to, and for booking.

On September 18, the state Transport minister, unveiled the guide — Puja Parikrama 2018 — containing details of the special transport arrangements of all the transport Corporations.

The WBTC has come up with eight different services including tour to Bonedi Barir Puja, Pujas in Kolkata and its surrounding areas, Kolkata’s Puja in luxurious buses, tour to Jayrambati and Kamarpukur during Puja.

At the same time, there are arrangements to visit Puja mandaps in North Kolkata through waterways. Moreover, one can also avail the vessel service to watch the immersion of idols of Goddess Durga and her entourage in River Hooghly.

There will be arrangements for Puja Parikrama in traditional air-conditioned trams as well. Mainly, Pujas in North Kolkata can be visited in trams. The service will be available on Saptami and Navami.

This time, a new initiative has been introduced, namely the one ticket system, that may be used to travel in both buses and vessels of the WBTC. One needs to buy a ticket that costs Rs 100 and it will remain valid for 24 hours.

Similarly, the South Bengal State Transport Corporation (SBSTC) has made arrangements to take people in buses to enjoy the Durga Puja at Rajbari, Bonedi Bari and other famous Pujas in South Bengal.

At the same time, the North Bengal State Transport Corporation (NBSTC) has made arrangements for Puja Parikrama in buses in Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri and Malda respectively.

Source: Millennium Post