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September 16, 2018

Bangla Govt takes care of those neglected by Centre

Bangla Govt takes care of those neglected by Centre

According to a data prepared by the Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Department, despite the Central Government’s apathy in properly running the ICDS centres spread across Bangla, the State Government is spending around Rs 350 crore annually from its pocket for the better running of these. This is as according to information presented at the State Assembly during the current session by the concerned minister.

It may be mentioned that the Centre has reduced its share of funds for the project and the situation is such that many would lose their work if the State Government stops supporting with funds.

In each of the districts there used to be seven officials looking after various aspects of the ICDS project. Now, the Centre has ruled that there will be only a district project official and a statistical assistant, and even for these two, the Centre has decided to reduce its share of funds to only 25 per cent.

However, for the smooth running of the project, there is indeed the need for seven officials per district. Hence the State is having to bear the rest 75 per cent of the remuneration of the two, as well as the full expense of the other five.

At the block level too, the Centre has decided to give its share of funds for only one official in place of four. At the same time, the funds for construction of ICDS centres and project-level office rents have also been stopped. The State Government now bears all these additional costs too.

According to the statistical data prepared by the department, the State Government needs to bear an additional expense of Rs 100 crore. Another Rs 250 crore will be spent as the State Government has decided to increase the remuneration of ICDS workers and helpers. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had announced an increase of their remuneration by Rs 500, and then by Rs 1,000 this year. Thus, now the remuneration of an ICDS worker is Rs 4,500 and of a helper is Rs 2,500.

The Centre has also reduced its share of funds for running the homes for destitute children. Earlier, the Centre’s share for open shelter homes for children below 18 years was 90 per cent, while NGOs used to bear the remaining 10 per cent. Now, the Centre has decided to give only 60 per cent. Therefore the State Government has to give the 30 per cent in shortfall.

Source: Millennium Post