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September 19, 2018

Great Indian Dessert Fest at Misti Hub in December

Great Indian Dessert Fest at Misti Hub in December

To popularise the concept of experiential tourism, which is a fast-evolving concept worldwide, West Bengal Housing & Infrastructure Development Corporation (HIDCO), in collaboration with a private company, has decided to organise Great Indian Dessert Fest from December 14 to 16, 2018.

The venue would be one of the hotspots of New Town – Bangla Misti Hub. The open space behind the building will be used for the festival, where a wide variety of custards, ice-creams, puddings and other special confections from across the country would be available.

Visitors at the festival can also visit but the hugely-popular Eco Park too, located next door and Mother Wax Museum.

The campaign for the festival has already started on social media and HIDCO is also planning to hold a Pudding Festival soon.

Misti Hub, in the short span of its importance, has already created a ‘sweet’ space for itself among the people, and HIDCO is leaving no stone unturned to popularise it further. Home delivery through an app-based food delivery services and packet menu (assorted sweets in packets, for distribution during short meetings) for offices will be introduced soon.

Special Misti Hub-braded carry bags of cloth or jute would be introduced too, according to a HIDCO official. There are also plans to introduce discount coupons for Eco Park on selective days for those who buy sweets from Misti Hub.