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September 29, 2018

Bangla Govt branding Durga Puja festival in other countries

Bangla Govt branding Durga Puja festival in other countries

The Bangla Government is making a big effort to popularise Durga Puja festival of Bengal in other countries. It is reaching into agreements with Durga Puja organisers in 27 countries to brand itself at their pujas.

Countries in North America, Europe and Asia are among the 27. The government has set aside a big budget for the purpose. A special video would be made. The exact mechanism of the branding is being worked out by the State Tourism Department.

This is another of the Trinamool Congress Government’s efforts to popularise the culture of Bangla among tourists, including non-resident Indians, more so non-resident Bengalis, especially the ones from the current generation, many of whom have never visited the State.

The Tourism Department has also tied up with several big Durga Puja organisers of Kolkata, to enable its branding at their pandals. Officials from the department would be posted there as well to intimate people about the tourist facilities that the department runs across the State.

Source: Bartaman