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September 6, 2018

Bangla CM forms monitoring cell for safety of bridges

Bangla CM forms monitoring cell for safety of bridges

Twenty bridges in the State are in bad shape. If necessary action is not taken immediately, they might meet with an accident. Mamata Banerjee expressed her concern about safety of bridges at a press conference today. She was addressing the press after a high-level meeting on safety audit of bridges at Nabanna.

The Chief Minister has formed a fact-finding committee headed by the Chief Secretary to look in to reasons behind the Majerhat accident. The committee will submit its report in seven days. Till then, construction work of metro will be halted. The CM stated that whoever is responsible for the Majerhat tragedy will be brought to justice.

She has also formed a monitoring cell for the safety of bridges. To maintain the health of these bridges, 20-wheeler vehicles will not be allowed on these flyovers and bridges, announced the CM. The police will issue necessary notices.

She said, “I was the Railway Minister when the metro work began. I know every process. The work is going on for nine years. Many people are saying there were vibrations during piling work. I am not saying this was the reason for the bridge collapse. Let the committee headed by the Chief Secretary submit its report.”

The CM said that the shopkeepers underneath the Sealdah flyover are not cooperating in repair work. Regarding Posta flyover, she said even the faculty of IIT, Kharagpur have not clearly mentioned whether the flyover should be razed down or the already-constructed be used for vehicle movement.