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September 16, 2018

Bangla CM to visit Europe to draw investments

Bangla CM to visit Europe to draw investments

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will leave for Germany and Italy today, to draw investments for the State.

She said at the press conference at Nabanna that in the interest of industrial investment, the government organises the Bengal Global Business Summit every year. These foreign trips serve as stepping stones to this annual summit, and hence are crucial.

At the Bengal Global Business Summits, on an average, around 36 to 37 countries send representatives. We sign agreements with these representatives. They also invite industrialists and our government’s representatives to their countries to form collaborations.

She also said that during the forthcoming trip, two major conferences would be held – one each in Germany and Italy. A big delegation had come from Milan, led by the governor, and had invited us. The leather industry and the manufacturing industry are very important there. Master leather workers from Lucknow are now setting up base in Bangla, hence the State is soon to become the best in the country in this field. I want to bring more technology and industry to my State.

Regarding the conference in Germany, Mamata Banerjee said another big delegation from Dusseldorf had come to Kolkata. That place too is well known for its manufacturing industry. The delegation was impressed with the developments in the State and said it will pay visits in the future too.