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December 5, 2014

We hope the border enclave issue will be solved soon: WB CM at Coochbehar

We hope the border enclave issue will be solved soon: WB CM at Coochbehar

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee attended a government programme at Nayerhaat, near the Indo-Bangladesh border, under Dinhata sub-division in Coochbehar today. During her speech she said a solution to the border enclave issue was being worked out.

Surge of development:

She inaugurated several projects for the region at the public meeting. These include Kishan Bazaar, health centres, fire brigade stations, roads, water pipelines, irrigation services, offices of the food procurement department among other projects.

She also laid the foundation stones for several other developmental projects for the district.

The Chief Minister distribute certificates for various schemes like Kanyashree, Sikkhashree, Yuvashree, Nija Bhoomi Nija Griha, Gitanjali among others. She also distributed pumpsets and tillers to farmers.

Highlights of her speech:

We have inaugurated several projects today which will help in the development of Coochbehar.

A solution is being worked out for border enclaves. Hope the problem will be solved soon. We hope there will be a diplomatic agreement. We have asked for rehabilitation package from Centre.

We have decided to set up two medical colleges in Coochbehar. One private and one government.

We want industries to be set up in Coochbehar. We will give 50% subsidies if they set up even small units here.

Local people should get employment opportunities.

From polytehcnic colleges to fire stations and Rajbangshi Academy – we have initiated several projects here.

We will observe 150th birth anniversary of Panchanan Barma. A committee has been formed.

We have given reservation for OBCs and minorities, without touching General class. We increased the infrastructure.

Do not marry off girls at an early age. Register them under Kanyashree. Encourage girls to study. At 18 years of age, girls will get Rs 25000 for pursuing higher education. We have registered 16 lakh girls under Kanyashree scheme.

One lakh unemployed youths have been registered under Yuvashree scheme. We have started employment banks.

We have started Sikkhashree scheme to encourage SC/STs to pursue higher education.

We have to clear the darkness beneath the lamp. We have to spread the light of education.

Minority Bhavans are coming up in every district.

We have given scholarships to 57 lakh students.

In the next 2-3 years, 500 marketing centres will come up in Bengal. One lakh unemployed youth will get jobs.

We have started crop insurance for farmers. We have distributed Kisan Credit Cards. We have given power tillers and pumpsets to poor farmers.

Do not discriminate between poor people. We are working for the people. We have to continue serving people.

I do not seek material gains. I only want to work for the people. I do not seek material gains. I only want to work for the people.

From the Hills to Terai and Dooars, we are working for all.

The Centre is not giving us funds for 100 Days’ Work Scheme. We will keep protesting. States must have financial independence.

We have started a mega road project. We will connect India with Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Be careful. Some people will create communal trouble. Do not fall in their traps. We must all remember our boundaries.

Those who incite riots, they run away after inciting violence. Common people suffer.

Do not discriminate among each other on the basis of religion. Can the human body work properly without a kidney or the hand? We all are part of this Nation. We must stay together.

Can you divide Rabindranath and Nazrul Islam? A true leader is accepted by all. Gandhi ji and Netaji were true leaders. Rabindranath and Nazrul are our guiding lights.

Just because I am a Hindu, I cannot spew venom against a Muslim. This is our value-system. I chant the Durga Stotram during Durga Puja. I also attend Eid festivities. In few days we will celebrate Christmas. Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Swami Vivekananda taught us about equality of all religions.

Women run a family. They are the foundation of the society. They are running the Nation in true sense. We started 50% reservation for women in Panchayats. Your MP Renuka Sinha is a woman. Your Zila Sabhadhipati is a woman.

The youth are the future of the Nation. Lead a disciplined life. Keep your heads held high.

Bengal is turning around. In future, Bengal will show the way for the entire country.

A new generation of leaders must emerge from the youth.

I will be back in north Bengal again in January. Stay well. Stay safe.

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