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December 5, 2014

WB CM inaugurates Jalpaiguri Sports Village

WB CM inaugurates Jalpaiguri Sports Village

Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee today inaugurated Jalpaiguri Sports Village. She asked the audience for their suggestions of the name of the sports complex. Based on the response, the sports village was named Jalpaiguri Biswa Bangla Krirangan.

The Chief Minister hoped that the new sports facility will help in the grooming of players of international standards.

WB CM also inaugurated 17 other projects at Jalpaiguri and laid the foundation stones for 16 others. These include bridges, roads, piped water supply projects among other things.

Jalpaiguri Sports Village

The first phase of the sports village in Jalpaiguri consists of an indoor stadium with facilities for gymnasium, basketball, table tennis, snooker and badminton.

There is a separate squash court and a swimming pool of international standards. The galleries have been renovated too.

In the second phase, a football stadium and an athletic track will be set up.

Highlights of Chief Minister’s speech:

This is the first time a Sports Village has been set up in the State. This sports complex is of international standards. The second phase of work for the sports complex has begun. I have instructed local administration to renovate the Town Club. Development of Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar, Coochbehar is my priority.

Earlier, Jalpaiguri faced severe floods. We have started a project to control flood in this area. Bhaktinagar will remain a part of Jalpaiguri. Our government is giving rice at Rs 2/kg to workers of closed tea gardens. We are involving workers of closed tea gardens in 100 Days’ Work Scheme.

We have started mobile medical units for this region. We have started a branch Secretariat ‘Uttarkanya’ for north Bengal. We created a new district Alipurduar. We have undertaken several developmental projects for north Bengal. 16 lakh girls have been enrolled under Kanyashree shceme. We have started Sikkhashree scheme to give financial assistance to SC/ST students for pursuing education.

A Hindi college is coming up at Banarahat. A small scale industrial park is coming up on 200 acre plot there. From hospitals to fair price medicine centres and diagnostic centres, we are improving health infrastructure. Beds at all district/sub-division/block level hospitals made free. We also provide transport to pregnant women to go to hospitals for delivery.

We are setting up 500 marketing centres across Bengal. These will generate a lot of employment. One lakh youths will get employment at marketing centres. We are setting up Kishan Bazaars and cold storages.

Some sections only point out flaws. They have a problem with everything I do. From expediting the work on Circuit Bench to formation of a new district, everything has been done by us. I work for the people. They have voted me to power.

Some shops sell bad food. Some shops sell good food. Similarly some sections of the media sell bad news. Just like you should never eat adulterated food, you should also avoid adulterated news. I will keep fighting. Counter me politically if you can. Catch me if you can… The surge of development will continue.

What has the CPM done for Bengal? There is so much tourism potential in north Bengal. What did they do? Some people think they can say anything they want, just because a section of the media is supporting them. I never speak without evidence. I know my boundaries.

We do not need the money of chit funds. We arrested the kingpin of chit fund. Out of 17 lakh people, we returned the money to 5 lakh people. We do not forget projects after laying foundation stones. We come back to inaugurate those projects. WB was No. 24 in Transport sector. Now we are No. 4 among States.

We are working for the betterment of people. The surge of development will continue.


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