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December 2, 2014

Lok Sabha: Suvendu Adhikari demands funds for railway project in Nandigram

Trinamool MP Suvendu Adhikari today raised the issue of non-allocation of funds for a railway project in Nandigram during a discussion in Lok Sabha.

Full transcript of his speech:

I would like to bring it to the kind attention of Hon’ble Minister of Railway of Union Government, through you, that a project for the construction of a new railway line from Deshapran to Nandigram, in East Midnapore, West Bengal, was announced by the then Railway Minister, Ms Mamata Banerjee, in 2009-10.

It is sad to note that no fund has been allocated yet from the concerned Ministry for this project of Rs 120 crore. We cannot deny that construction of new railway line is one of the important factors for the development of railway infrastructure and it goes without saying the project will create job opportunities and would be a blessing to unemployed youth in this high period.

I do not know why there has not been any fund allocation though it is also one of the important projects to help Indian economy to some extent. Time-bound completion of any project is very important otherwise it will create extra burden on public exchequer as there will be escalation of project cost due to increase in material and other costs with passage of time. We have several examples where the total estimated project cost has increased due to the failure in completing a project in time-bound manner.

So, this is my humble request to the Union Railway Minister, through you, to please allot the required fund immediately for the project so that the work can be started early and completed as early as possible. Thank You.

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