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December 5, 2014

WB Government to pass law to ensure farmers get fair price for their crops

WB Government to pass law to ensure farmers get fair price for their crops

The West Bengal Government is taking strict steps to curb the middlemen menace, and encouraging private markets. The government in its effort to see that the farmers get the due price for their crops is bringing in a new Bill. On Monday, in the Vidhan Sabha a new Bill will be placed – Agricultural Produce Marketing (Regulation) Act Bill 2014.

Through this law the state government will encourage private (local) markets to come up, through which the farmers can directly sell their crops bypassing middlemen. The Government will regulate the market and earn revenue from it, which will be beneficial for the exchequer.

On Thursday, the Bill was discussed in the Select Committee and passed. Once this amended Bill is passed in Vidhan Sabha, a new avenue will open up in Agricultural Marketing. Once successfully implemented, many such markets will come up, competition will increase and the Government will have a new source of revenue earning.

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