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December 30, 2014

Trinamool to symbolically burn Land Ordinance: MB

Trinamool to symbolically burn Land Ordinance: MB

Trinamool Chairperson Ms Mamata Banerjee said that the party will protest against Center’s Land Acquisition Ordinance. The Central Govt. has forcefully brought this ordinance on land acquisition, she said. We will fight against the unjust ordinance on land acquisition, she said. She was speaking at a workers’ meeting in Kharagpur.

The Trinamool Chairperson instructed the workers that the party will protest against this ‘black’ Ordinance by burning symbolic copies of the Ordinance.


The Central Government had just passed an ordinance making amendments to the Land Acquisition Act, 2013 as passed by UPA. The BJP Government has exempted 80-20% consent for land acquisition for following cases: Rural infrastructure, electrification, affordable housing for poor, Defence, industrial corridor, PPP projects where ownership of land remains with govt. Higher compensation for landlosers to continue.

Trinamool Congress’s stand on land acquisition is clear and the party is opposed to forceful acquisition from the poor farmers. But if acquisition of land is necessary by government organisations, it should be through discussion and sufficient compensation should be given to the farmers.

Trinamool Congress had fought against forceful land acquisition in historic people’s movements in Singur and Nandigram.

Transcript of the speech of the Trinamool Chairperson at the Vidyasagar Industrial Park at Rupnarayanpur in Kharagpur:

  • There had been repeated disturbances in the state – Belpahari, Jamboni, Chamkaitala, now there is peace.
  • The culprits of Netai were brought to book by state police, not CBI.
  • What has the CBI done in the Nadigram case?
  • Some medias are now working for the BJP in the state.
  • We will not take any steps against any media which are spreading false news, people will decide their fate.
  • I am the servant of the people.
  • There is nothing called ‘I’, there is ‘we’.
  • We must defeat money power and media power. Man power is the greatest power.
  • The Central Government is taking away all our money.
  • The Central Govt. has forcefully brought an ordinance on land acquisition.
  • The country is going through a dangerous phase due to the BJP Govt.
  • We will fight against the unjust ordinance on land acquisition.
  • We will protest against this ‘black’ ordinance by burning symbolic copies.
  • The center is planning to stop ‘100 Days work’, trying to sell the country by bringing in FDI in insurance, defence.
  • Increase your strength at local level, speak with people and give time to people.
  • Remember that the party comes first, before personal interests, strengthen the party.
  • If the party is not there, the individual is non-existent.
  • The Left parties ran a reign of terror, when we came in power, we sought for change, not revenge.
  • I will not accept and anti-party activity.
  • The Seba Dal wing will be renamed Joy Hind Bahini, which will be beside the people in every block, in every cause and help
  • On 23rd January the Jai Hind Bahini will observe Netaji’s Birth Anniversary.
  • Our tribal community brothers and sisters were killed in Assam, we strongly protest regarding the incident.
  • Medinipur Purba and Paschim are places where revolution started during independence movement.
  • Fight against CPM-BJP, money-power, media-power.